Chris Castro’s Turbocharged Wagon




Engine: 2.8 Liter M52B28 Vanos
Transmission: ZF310 5 speed transmission from a ’95 E36 M3
Shifter: AKG Short Shifter Kit
Flywheel/Clutch: F1 Racing Stage 3 lightweight flywheel & clutch kit
Differential: 2.93:1 Limited Slip custom built with 40% lock
Bushings: Replaced all bushings with Ireland Engineering polyurethane units
Suspension: FK-Coilover for an e39 M5
Steering: ’93 M5 Steering Gearbox quicker steering ratio
Engine Modifications: S52B32 Camshaft upgrade, 0.140 Cometic MLS head gasket, ARP2000 cylinder head studs, Modified Blunt Tech/Rapid Spool Industries top mount tubular stainless steel turbo manifold, Garret GT3582R dual ball bearing turbocharger – AR0.07 56 trim compressor, with an AR 0.82 84 trim turbine, Tial MVR 44mm wastegate, 50mm Tial blow-off valve.

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